i'm proud of us
“What are you scared of?”

Dean snorted a soft laugh; more resigned than amused. He smiled at Castiel. “Falling.”

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3


Light in the Dark (fic)


Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge:

cptndean vs cuddlersammy

Prompt:I guess that’s just what I do, I let down the people I love…


but you are never too young to kill monsters

I am chaos.I am destruction.
I am chaos.
I am destruction.


Went from comedic to real as fuck in like 2 seconds

sounds like penance.

"Rachel: What’s the word on any female characters on Supernatural this season?
While females generally don’t have the longest life span on this CW fan-favorite series, the show is currently casting the role of Claire Novak, a 17-year-old tough, angry teenager described as “punk-rock-pretty.” Claire is sarcastic, smart and defiant because of her rough past: she has bounced from foster home to foster home since the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother (we’re guessing from supernatural forces?). Even though Claire is always in trouble, underneath it all she has a big heart. Let’s hope that heart makes her a survivor!"



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tip of the day don’t vacuum with ear phones in because i just finished vacuuming the whole house only to realise it wasn’t even on

9.11 First Born.


dean + pink     → asked by anonymous


dean + pink 
    → asked by anonymous

“If you hurt my brother, I’ll kill you, I swear. I’ll kill you all!”

If you hurt my brother, I’ll kill you, I swear. I’ll kill you all!”





"I’m lost on a road don’t know which way to go
I’m losing my mind, losing control…”